Curated Studios Dedicated to the Balance of Craftsmanship and Vision.

The Falcon Art Community is made up of painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, actors and artists who are committed to upholding standards of care and excellence as they create innovative new work. These artists share a common thread: a belief in the values of craftsmanship and vision.

Their hub is the first floor of a 1911 apartment building on Albina Avenue and Killingsworth Court, where gallery walls lined with the works of modern masters and Falcon artists wind around 25 artist studios, designed to provide a nuturing space for creativity and inspiration at every turn.

This wouldn't be possible without The Falcon Art Community's residential and commercial tenants, as a portion of all rents are dedicated to directly supporting artists. The Falcon is committed to fostering creativity and enhancing our neighborhoods with great shops and restaurants, well-designed apartments, and engaging events. We believe our core values apply to every aspect of life and invite anyone that feels the same to connect with us.


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